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Apr 2, 2021

Working from home has been normalised for many of us. But what's the real impact on mental health, productivity and community? How productive can we be in the long term if we spend more time working in physical isolation from our colleagues?

We have been hoping to invite Dr Astrid Coxon for a conversation on the Internet Marketing for Humans podcast for a long time. Astrid is a research associate at King’s College London and studies (among many other topics) Good Practice and Inclusivity in learning technology.

This is not yet another dry examination of the pros and cons of working from home. Dr Coxon gives her perspective as a psychologist in a way that is accessible, relatable and at times very funny. Astrid runs us through the theory of 'allostatic load' and how it can affect the quality of our work. If you're not aware of allostatic load then listen in; it's a fascinating topic that affects us all!

Find out more about Dr Astrid Coxon's work at:

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