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Brought to you by Internet Marketing for HumansAndrew Laws Associates Ltd and guests.

Apr 17, 2020

Email marketing tends to be taken for granted. There are some core rules that will always help you to succeed, but there are also some handy hints you may not know about.

In this episode of Internet Marketing for Humans we discuss how to turbo boost your email marketing success.


Add people to your list without their knowledge
Send too frequently
Use pepped up marketing chunter
Use too many images
Send attachments
Purchase email lists

Re-send to non-openers
Find reasons to get recipients to click links within the newsletter, this shows Google / Gmail that you messages are relevant
Keep your newsletters brief, keep it simple
Treat newsletters as signposts to other content
Clean your lists regularly
Segment the list according to signup source, behaviour, anything useful
Test different times and days to find out how to get the best response
Use emoticons in the subject line
Use the preview option
Send tests - preferably to someone different each time
Survey your list rather than just selling to them - probably only people who have been with you longer than X amount of time
Build brand loyalty - make sure recipients know they are getting something special
Give away genuine value
Ask people to forward your email to their friends 
Use a real human name in the sender details
Use an email address that people can reply to (set up a filter in your email client if you get lots of out of office notices)
Remember to sign off your messages properly
Use first name greetings (if you can)
Build your lists by giving something away; always be adding value
Check your statistics
Run A/B tests